Merit Poker Western Series - Jan 16 - 27 OVER $3.000.000 GTD

16-Jan-23Monday11:00 AM1NL Qualifier to WUp Day 1A win your seat at 100K chips$220+$20+$9 $6.600 (3 Seats) 10K15813:10
16-Jan-23Monday12:00 PM2NL Warm Up Day 1A $2.000+$200 $500.000 100K6012Day 2
16-Jan-23Monday5:30 PM3NL Turbo Bounty $200 K.O.$500+$50$20.000 15K15920:00
16-Jan-23Monday9:30 PM4NL Satellite to Warm Up Day 1B$300+$30 $22.000 (10 Seats) 15K20/1590:50
17-Jan-23Tuesday11:00 AM5NL Qualifier to WUp Day 1B win your seat at 100K chips$220+$20+$9 $6.600 (3 Seats) 10K15813:10
17-Jan-23Tuesday12:00 PM2NL Warm Up Day 1B $2.000+$200 $500.000 100K6012Day 2
17-Jan-23Tuesday5:30 PM6NL Satellite to Warm Up Day 1C$250+$25 $8.800 (4 Seats) 15K15920:00
17-Jan-23Tuesday9:00 PM7NL Hyper Turbo Deep Stack$600+$60 $20.000 20K121023:20
17-Jan-23Tuesday9:30 PM2NL Warm Up Day 1C $2.000+$200 $500.000100K2512Day 2
18-Jan-23Wednesday10:00 AM2NL Warm Up Day 1D Turbo$2.000+$200 $500.000 100K1512Day 2
18-Jan-23Wednesday12:30 PM2NL Warm Up Day 2 $2.000+$200 $500.000 100K601217:00
18-Jan-23Wednesday9:30 PM8NL Satellite To ME Day 1A$500+$50 $99.000. (30 Seats) 15K20/1590:50
19-Jan-23Thursday12:00 PM2NL Warm Up Day 3Closed$500.000Closed60ClosedClosed
19-Jan-23Thursday1:00 PM9PL Omaha Bounty 8-Max $500 K.O.$1.000+$100$40.000 20K17915:55
19-Jan-23Thursday4:00 PM10NL Seniors Event (50+ y.o.)$800+$80$25.00050K20819:00
19-Jan-23Thursday9:00 PM11NL Satellite to ME Day 1A$500+$50 $66.000 (20 Seats) 15K20/1590:20
20-Jan-23Friday11:00 AM12NL Qualifier to ME Day 1A win your seat at 100K chips$330+$30+$13 $9.900 (3 Seats) 10K15813:10
20-Jan-23Friday12:00 PM13NL Main Event Day 1A $3.000 + $300$1.500.000 100K6013Day 2
20-Jan-23Friday1:00 PM2NL Warm Up Final DayClosed$500.000 Closed60ClosedClosed
20-Jan-23Friday5:30 PM14NL Hyper Turbo Deep Stack$400+$40 $15.000 20K121019:50
20-Jan-23Friday10:00 PM15NL Satellite To ME Day 1B$500+$50 $66.000 (20 Seats) 15K20/1591:20
21-Jan-23Saturday11:00 AM16NL Qualifier to ME Day 1B win your seat at 100K chips$330+$30+$13 $9.900 (3 Seats) 10K15813:10
21-Jan-23Saturday12:00 PM13NL Main Event Day 1B $3.000 + $300$1.500.000 100K6013Day 2
21-Jan-23Saturday5:30 PM17NL Bounty $200 K.O. $400+$40 $15.000 15K15920:00
21-Jan-23Saturday10:00 PM18NL Satellite to ME Day 1C$500+$50 $49.500. (15 Seats) 1520/1591:20
22-Jan-23Sunday11:00 AM19NL Qualifier to ME Day 1C win your seat at 100K chips$330+$30+$13 $9.900. (3 Seats) 10K15813:10
22-Jan-23Sunday12:00 PM13NL Main Event Day 1C $3.000 + $300$1.500.000100K4013Day 2
22-Jan-23Sunday3:00 PM20PL Omaha Bounty 8-Max $500 K.O.$1.000+$100$40.000 20K17917:55
22-Jan-23Sunday5:00 PM21NL Turbo Satellite to ME Day 1D$500+$50 $33.000 (10 Seats) 15K15/10919:30
22-Jan-23Sunday7:30 PM13NL Main Event. Day 1D Turbo $3.000 + $300$1.500.000100K2513Day 2
22-Jan-23Sunday9:00 PM22NL Satellite to ME Day 2$400+$40 $16.500 (5 Seats) 1515923:30
22-Jan-23Sunday12:00 PM13NL Main Event. Day 2 $3.000 + $300$1.500.000 100K601316:25
22-Jan-23Sunday6:00 PM23NL Bounty $300 K.O.$600+$60 $25.000 20K17820:30
23-Jan-23Monday10:00 PM24NL Mix-Max 8-Max Day 1$1.000+$100$80.00030K3012Day 2
23-Jan-23Monday12:00 PM13NL Main Event Day 3 Closed$1.500.000 Closed60ClosedClosed
24-Jan-23Tuesday1:00 PM24NL Mix-Max 7-Max Day 2$1.000+$100$80.00030K301215:10
24-Jan-23Tuesday5:00 PM25NL Mystery Bounty ($600 Mystery Bounty ) Day 1A$1.000+$100$100.00030K25820:40
24-Jan-23Tuesday9:00 PM26NL Super Satellite To HR Day 1$700+$70 $26.500. (5 Seats) 15K20/1590:20
25-Jan-23Wednesday12:00 PM24NL Mix-Max 6-Max Final dayClosed$80.000Closed30ClosedClosed
25-Jan-23Wednesday12:00 PM25NL Mystery Bounty ($600 Mystery Bounty ) Day 1B$1.000+$100$100.00030K25815:40
25-Jan-23Wednesday1:00 PM13NL Main Event Final DayClosed$1.500.000 Closed60ClosedClosed
25-Jan-23Wednesday3:00 PM27NL Satellite to HR Day 1$500+$50 $10.600 (2 Seats) 10K15817:10
25-Jan-23Wednesday7:00 PM28NL High Roller Event 8-Max Day 1$5.000 + $300$250.000 100K4012Day 2
25-Jan-23Wednesday9:00 PM29NL Satellite to Mystery Bounty Day 1A$300+$30 $11.000 (5 Seats) 15K15923:30
26-Jan-22Thursday12:00 PM25NL Mystery Bounty ($600 Mystery Bounty ) Final DayClosed$100.000Closed25ClosedClosed
26-Jan-22Thursday12:00 PM30NL Mystery Bounty ($1.000 Mystery Bounty ) Day 1A$2.000+$200 $150.000 30K25815:40
26-Jan-22Thursday3:00 PM31NL Satellite to HR Day 2$500+$50 $10.600 (2 Seats) 10K15817:10
26-Jan-22Thursday7:00 PM28NL High Roller Event 8-Max Day 2$5.000 + $300$250.000 100K401222:10
26-Jan-22Thursday8:00 PM30NL Mystery Bounty ($1.000 Mystery Bounty ) Day 1B$2.000+$200 $150.000 30K25823:40
27-Jan-23Friday11:30 AM30NL Mystery Bounty ($1.000 Mystery Bounty ) Day 1C $2.000+$200 $150.000 30K17813:40
27-Jan-23Friday12:00 PM28NL High Roller Event 8-Max Final DayClosed$250.000 Closed40ClosedClosed
27-Jan-23Friday12:00 PM32NL Deep Stack Bounty 6-Max $300 K.O.$500+$50 $20.000 30K17914:55
27-Jan-23Friday5:00 PM33NL Merit Classic$3.000+$30050K25820:40
27-Jan-23Friday7:00 PM34NL Turbo Deep Stack Bounty 6-Max $200 K.O.$400+$40$15.000 20K15921:35
27-Jan-23Friday8:00 PM30NL Mystery Bounty ($1.000 Mystery Bounty ) Final DayClosed$150.000 Closed25ClosedClosed

Player Notes

*Warm Up, Main Event, High Roller and Mystery Bounty ($1.000 MB) tournaments guarantees include Montenegro series packages for the Final Table players. Places 1-3 in WUP, HR and ME will receive entry tickets to the WUP Day 1A on Feb. 16th, HR Day 1A on Feb. 19th and ME Day 1A on Feb. 21st. Places 4-9 (in MB 1-5 and in HR 4th and 5th places) receive entry tickets to the WUP Day 1A on Feb. 16th, Super Sat. To HR on Feb. 19th and ME Day 1A on Feb. 21st. Accommodation during the series and airport transfer service costs will be covered by Merit Poker.

*All tournaments are held in the unlimited re-entry format and will start as soon as 15 players are registered

*8% inclusive of any taxes and staff funds will be withheld from the entire prize pool of all the re-entry and Bounty tournaments. All Satellite tournaments fees are reduced to 4%

*Day 1A, 1B, 1C and 1D are independent separate days subject to registration fee. If a player busted during any of these days, he can make unlimited re-entries without paying the fee during the same day only

*For the players who have played several entry days 1A, 1B, 1C or 1D Turbo the biggest stack will be chosen to bring to Day 2

*During the Hand for Hand situation, if enough players bust on the current hand at the different tables to get into the money, the busting players will evenly share the place paid on the current hand . When two players bust at the same time at the same table, the player with more chips gets the higher position

*If two first to be paid ITM players seated at the different tables bust simultaneously, the payout for these two places will be split evenly between them. If such two players bust with an interval of more than 5 seconds, their places will be paid according to the payout structure

*Satellite tickets are non-transferable, and can only be used by the player who won the seat

*All satellite tickets must be used on the day (A, B, C or D, Warm Up, ME and High Roller) they were  issued for, regardless of the player’s tournament status. Unused satellite tickets from day 1A, 1B, 1C or 1D Turbo cannot be used to proceed directly into Day 2

*If a player has several satellite tickets to use on the same tournament day, he must use them for re-entry during that day if busted. In case the player is still active in that day with 1 or more unused tickets remaining by the end of the tournament day, the player can use the remaining ticket(s) buy-in amount for any other event of his choice (entry or re-entry). This amount cannot be cashed out. Registration to the tournament must be closed for the player to claim the unused satellite ticket(s) buy-in amount towards another event

*If a player has several satellite tickets to the different days of the same tournament and busted with 1 or more unused tickets from previous day remaining, he must use tickets from the previous day for re-entry during the same day

*All kinds of electronic devices are forbidden on the Final table

*Final table deals are allowed by the management’s approval only

*Final table players must not use or wear any promotional materials and/ or logos advertising other poker clubs/ institutions/ organizations

*Tournament Director withholds the right to add or subtract a level or a day in all tournaments and reserves the right to amend structures or schedules

*As the names of the package players and  Satellite ticket winners will be in the shuffle list at the beginning of the tournament, the starting stack will be put on the table and will be blinded off if the player is not at the table.

*Due to Covid-19 worldwide pandemic, management reserves the right to amend the guaranteed prize pool or postpone or cancel the festival in the event of a change in Covid-19 conditions. Merit Poker cannot be kept responsible for tournament series postponement or termination and is not liable for any transport or accommodation fees ensued should cancellation or postponement occur

*Merit Poker assumes no responsibility for typographical errors, misprints or misinformation

General Rules for Mystery Bounty

*Days 1A, 1B and 1C Turbo play down to 15% of the field (those players will be ITM)

*The Mystery Bounty prize amounts will be determined by tournament entries and remaining Day 2 players number

*Players will draw an envelope with the Mystery Bounty inside

*Lost Mystery Bounty tokens will not be replaced

*Mystery Bounty tokens must be claimed by the end of the tournament