Backgammon Championship 2024 - February 28 - March 03 - $50.000 Added Money Prize


Doubles (per team)500100
High Roller7.000500
Mega Jackpot2.300200
Super Jackpot1.150100
$500 Mini Jackpots46040
$200 Mini Jackpots18020
$100 Mini Jackpots87,512,5

Fees Notes

* 100% of entry fees will be added into the prize pool

* Registration fees include:

-Free food & beverage service

-Special design trophies for prize winners

-Sunday Merit Farewell Gala & Awarding Ceremony


OpenUndefeated 2nd Chance Grand Final Last Chance15 pts (Final 17) - 11 pts (Final 13) - 19 pts 5 pts (Final 7)
HIGH ROLLER-15 pts (inc. Final)
MEGA JACKPOT-13 pts (inc. Final)
SUPER JACKPOT-11 pts (inc. Final)
DOUBLES-7 pts (Final 9)
MINI JACKPOTS$5009 pts (inc. Final)
MINI JACKPOTS$2007 pts (inc. Final)
MINI JACKPOTS$1005 pts (inc. Final)

PRIZES: 100% of entry fees will be returned as money prize, MERIT POKER will donate an added value of $50.000 into the prize pool & the sum will be distributed as follows:

OPEN FLIGHT TITLES (Total Added Value Distribution: $25,000)PRIZE POOL DISTRIBUTION (%)
Main Winner40
Main Finalist18
Main 3rd9
Main 4th & 5th4,5 each
Main 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th2 each
Undefeated Bracket Winner (bonus)4
Undefeated Bracket Finalist (bonus) 2
Undefeated Bracket Semi Finalists (bonus)1 each
Last Chance Winner5,5
Last Chance Finalist 2,5
DOUBLES TITLES (Total Added Value Distribution: $10,000)PRIZE POOL DISTRIBUTION (%)
Doubles Winner Team50
Doubles Finalist Team 25
Doubles Semi Finalist Teams12,5 each
HIGH ROLLER TITLES (Total Added Value Distribution: $7,500)PRIZE POOL DISTRIBUTION (%)
MEGA JACKPOT TITLES (Total Added Value Distribution: $5,000)PRIZE POOL DISTRIBUTION (%)
SUPER JACKPOT TITLES (Total Added Value Distribution: $2,500)PRIZE POOL DISTRIBUTION (%)

Prizes Notes

* Organizers reserve the right to update prize percentages of any category according to the amount of participants. Official distributions of each category will be posted on the notice board right after the start of 1st round.


* Championship will be directed by Arda Fındıkoğlu.


* Open Flight registration is between 12:00 – 21:00 on


February 27th, Tuesday.


* The Tournament Director reserves the right to require the use of


clock in any round of any category


* The draw is manual (not computerized), public and random


* Tournament matches take precedence over al other forms of play


* Only cash payments are accepted


* The Tournament Committee reserves the right of refuse applications


to play wi1hout giving any reasons


* Should a player wish to leave the playing area during the tournament


he/she must inform the Tournament Director. Failure to do so may


result in penalty points being assigned


* Alcoholic drinks will not be served inside the event hall


* Smoking is not permitted in the event venue other than in


designated areas


* The tournament will be played on professional Tournament Boards


Our boards are regularly cleaned and disinfected at the end of each day


* Dice service is provided by event organization


* All players are expected to be dressed appropriately


* Hotel restaurant will be open between 07:00-15:00 & 18:30-21:30


* Admission to Casino with photo ID Card only. Only people with


legal age may enter the Casino (25 or older)


* Tournament Rules can be viewed at: