The Mediterranean Poker Party - May 01 - 12

01-May-24Wednesday20:00MEGA SATELLLITE TO MAIN EVENT DA 1A - Hosted by Merit Poker$600+$6050 SeatsRE20K25/201003:00
02-May-24Thursday12:001Luxon Pay Mystery Bounty Day 1A$1.000+$100$1.000.000RE200K30 min822:00
02-May-24Thursday17:001Luxon Pay Mystery Bounty Day 1B$1.000+$100$1.000.000RE200K30 min1003:00
02-May-24Thursday22:00 Joker $400 K.O. by ImperiumLogo Small-01$800+$80$100.000RE30K20/151006:00
03-May-24Friday12:001Luxon Pay Mystery Bounty Day 1C$1.000+$100$1.000.000 RE200K30 min822:00
03-May-24Friday17:001Luxon Pay Mystery Bounty Day 1D$1.000+$100$1.000.000 RE200K30 min803:00
03-May-24Friday21:001Luxon Pay Mystery Bounty Day 1 Turbo$1.000+$100$1.000.000 RE200K15 min1002:00
04-May-24Saturday12:001Luxon Pay Mystery Bounty Final Day-$1.000.000 RE-40 min-03:05
04-May-24Saturday12:002EAPT Grand Final Day 1A$2.000+$200$2.000.000 1 RE200K40 min1000:00
04-May-24Saturday17:00Main Event Day 1A Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 SeatsRE30K15 min923:00
04-May-24Saturday20:00Superfinalist ( FT ITM ) by OPE OPE Logo Small-01$1.500+$150$200.000RE50K20m1204:00
05-May-24Sunday12:002EAPT Grand Final Day 1B$2.000+$200$2.000.000 1 RE200K40 min1000:00
05-May-24Sunday14:00Superfinalist ( FT ITM ) by OPE Final DayOPE Logo Small-01-$200.000 --25 min-17:00
05-May-24Sunday17:00-Main Event Day 1A Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 SeatsRE30K15 min923:00
05-May-24Sunday20:00- Big Knockout $1.000 by Honor PokerHONOR LOGO-01-01$2.000+$200$200.000RE30K20m1006:00
06-May-24Monday12:002EAPT Grand Final Day 1C$2.000+$200$2.000.000 1 RE200K40 min1000:00
06-May-24Monday17:00-Main Event Day 1A Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 SeatsRE30K15 min923:00
06-May-24Monday13:002EAPT Grand Final Day 1C$2.000+$200 $2.000.000 1 RE200K40 min1000:00
06-May-24Monday17:00-Main Event Day 1A Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 Seats RE30K15 min923:00
06-May-24Monday21:002EAPT Grand Final Day 1 Turbo$2.000+$200$2.000.0001 RE200K20 min1002:45
07-May-24Tuesday12:002EAPT Grand Final Day 2-$2.000.0001 RE200K50 min-01:05
07-May-24Tuesday12:003MPP Main Event Day 1A$5.000+$300$5.000.0001 RE300K50 min1000:00
07-May-24Tuesday13:00-Main Event Day 1A Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 Seats RE30K15 min919:00
07-May-24Tuesday17:00-Main Event Day 1A/B Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 Seats RE30K15 min923:00
07-May-24Tuesday21:00-Main Event Day 1A/B Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$505 Seats RE30K15 min9 03:00
08-May-24Wednesday12:002EAPT Grand Final, Final Day-$ 2.000.0001 RE200K60 min-21:30
08-May-24Wednesday12:003MPP Main Event Day 1B$5.000+$300$5.000.0001 RE300K50 min1000:00
08-May-24Wednesday13:00-Main Event Day 1B Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 SeatsRE30K15 min919:00
08-May-24Wednesday17:00-Main Event Day 1B/C Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 SeatsRE30K15 min923:00
08-May-24Wednesday21:00-Main Event Day 1B/C Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$505 SeatsRE30K15 min903:00
09-May-24Thursday12:003MPP Main Event Day 1C$5.000+$300$5.000.000 1 RE300K50 min1000:00
09-May-24Thursday13:00-Main Event Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 SeatsRE30K15 min919:00
09-May-24Thursday17:00-Main Event Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 SeatsRE30K15 min923:00
09-May-24Thursday21:003MPP Main Event Turbo$5.000+$300$5.000.000 1 RE300K25 min1002:45
10-May-24Friday12:00-MPP Main Event Day 2-$5.000.000--60 min-20:45
10-May-24Friday12:004EAPT Cyprus Day 1A$1.000+$100$500.0001 RE200K40 min623:45
10-May-24Friday14:005MPP High Roller Day 1$10.000+$400$1.000.000 RE400K40 min1023:30
10-May-24Friday17:004EAPT Cyprus Day 1B$1.000+$100$500.0001 RE200K30 min1001:15
11-May-24Saturday12:00-MPP Main Event Day 3 -$5.000.000--60 min-20:45
11-May-24Saturday12:004EAPT Cyprus Day 1C$1.000+$100$500.0001 RE200K40 min623:45
11-May-24Saturday13:005MPP High Roller Final Day-$1.000.000 RE-40 min-22:30
11-May-24Saturday14:006MPP 6-Max High Roller 1-Day Event$10.000+$400$500.000RE400K30 min1002:30
11-May-24Saturday17:004EAPT Cyprus Day 1D$1.000+$100$500.000 1 RE200K30 min801:15
11-May-24Saturday21:004EAPT Cyprus Day 1 Turbo$1.000+$100$500.000 1 RE200K15 min1001:15
12-May-24Sunday12:003MPP Main Event Final Day-$5.000.000 --60 min-20:00
12-May-24Sunday12:004EAPT Cyprus Final Day-$500.000 --40 min-02:50
12-May-24Sunday12:007MPP 6-Max Turbo Bounty 1-Day Event$1000+$100$100.000 1 RE200K25 min1222:55

Player Notes

*18+ All players must have a Merit membership card to play in the tournament