The Mediterranean Poker Party - May 01 - 12

01-May-24Wed 18:00Freeroll to satellite R/A $50FREE20 Seats R/A3K/5K/8K10/66 21:30
01-May-24Wed 21:00MEGA Satellite to Main Event Day 1A - Hosted By Merit Poker$600+$6050 Seats RE20K25/2010 04:00
02-May-24Thursday12:001Luxon Mystery Bounty ($500 MB) - Day 1A$1.000+$100$1.000.000RE200K30m822:00
02-May-24Thursday17:001 Luxon Mystery Bounty ($500 MB) - Day 1B$1.000+$100$1.000.000RE200K30m10 03:00
02-May-24Thursday22:002Joker $400 K.O. by Imperium - 1-Day EventLogo Small-01$800+$80$100.000RE30K20/1510 06:00
03-May-24Friday12:001Luxon Mystery Bounty ($500 MB) - Day 1C$1.000+$100$1.000.000RE200K30m822:00
03-May-24Friday17:001Luxon Mystery Bounty ($500 MB) - Day 1D$1.000+$100$1.000.000RE200K30m803:00
03-May-24Friday21:001Luxon Mystery Bounty ($500 MB) - Day 1 Turbo$1.000+$100$1.000.000RE200K15m10 02:00
04-May-24Saturday12:001Luxon Mystery Bounty ($500 MB) - Final Day-$1.000.000--40m-03:05
04-May-24Saturday12:003EAPT Grand Final - Day 1A$2.000+$200 $2.000.0001RE200K40m10 00:00
04-May-24Saturday17:00Main Event Day 1A Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$505 Seats RE30K15923:00
04-May-24Saturday20:004Superfinalist (FT ITM) by OPE - Day 1OPE Logo Small-01$1.500+$150$200.000RE50K20m12 04:00
05-May-24Sunday12:003EAPT Grand Final - Day 1B$2.000+$200 $2.000.0001RE200K40m10 00:00
05-May-24Sunday20:004Superfinalist (FT ITM) by OPE - Final DayOPE Logo Small-01-$200.000--30m-18:00
05-May-24Sunday14:005MPP Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller - Day 1$10.000+$400$500.000RE400K40m10 00:25
05-May-24Sunday17:00Main Event Day 1A Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$505 Seats RE30K15923:00
05-May-24Sunday20:006Big Knockout $1,000 by Honor Poker - 1-Day EventHONOR LOGO-01-01$2.000+$200 $200.000RE30K20m10 06:00
06-May-24Monday12:003EAPT Grand Final - Day 1C$2.000+$200 $2.000.0001RE200K40m10 00:00
06-May-24Monday13:005MPP Pot-Limit Omaha High Roller - Final Day-$500.000RE-40m-18:10
06-May-24Monday14:007MPP Super High Roller - Day 1$25000+$500$1.000.000RE400K40m10 00:25
06-May-24Monday17:00Main Event Day 1A Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$505 Seats RE30K15923:00
06-May-24Monday21:003EAPT Grand Final - Day 1 Turbo$2.000+$200 $2.000.0001RE200K20m10 02:45
07-May-24Tuesday12:003EAPT Grand Final - Day 2-$2.000.0001RE200K50m-01:05
07-May-24Tuesday12:008MPP Main Event - Day 1A$5.000+$300$5.000.0001RE300K50m10 00:00
07-May-24Tuesday13:007MPP Super High Roller - Final Day-$1.000.000RE-40m-18:10
07-May-24Tuesday13:00Main Event Day 1A Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$505 Seats RE30K15919:00
07-May-24Tuesday14:009MPP Super High Roller - Day 1$25000+$500$1.000.000RE400K40m10 01:45
07-May-24Tuesday17:00Main Event Day 1A/B Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 Seats RE30K15923:00
07-May-24Tuesday21:00Main Event Day 1A/B Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$505 Seats RE30K15903:00
08-May-24Wednesday12:003EAPT Grand Final - Final Day-$2.000.0001RE200K60m-21:30
08-May-24Wednesday12:008MPP Main Event - Day 1B$5.000+$300$5.000.0001RE300K50m1000:00
08-May-24Wednesday13:009MPP Super High Roller - Final Day-$1.000.000RE-40m-19:30
08-May-24Wednesday13:00Main Event Day 1B Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 Seats RE30K15919:00
08-May-24Wednesday14:0010MPP Super High Roller - Day 1$50000+$1000$2.000.000RE400K40m10 23:30
08-May-24Wednesday17:00Main Event Day 1B/C Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 Seats RE30K15923:00
08-May-24Wednesday21:00Main Event Day 1B/C Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$505 Seats RE30K15903:00
09-May-24Thursday12:008MPP Main Event - Day 1C$5.000+$300$5.000.0001RE300K50m10 00:00
09-May-24Thursday13:00Main Event Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 Seats RE30K15919:00
09-May-24Thursday13:0010MPP Super High Roller - Final Day-$2.000.000RE-40m-19:30
09-May-24Thursday17:00Main Event Satellite - Seat@300K$530+$5010 Seats RE30K15923:00
09-May-24Thursday21:008MPP Main Event - Turbo$5.000+$300$5.000.0001RE300K25m10 02:30
10-May-24Friday12:008MPP Main Event - Day 2-$5.000.000--60m-20:45
10-May-24Friday12:0011EAPT Cyprus - Day 1A$1.000+$100$500.0001RE200K40m6 23:45
10-May-24Friday14:0012MPP High Roller - Day 1$10000+$400$1.000.000RE400K40m10 23:30
10-May-24Friday17:0011EAPT Cyprus - Day 1B$1.000+$100$500.0001RE200K30m10 01:15
11-May-24Saturday12:008MPP Main Event - Day 3-$5.000.000--60m-20:45
11-May-24Saturday12:0011EAPT Cyprus - Day 1C$1.000+$100$500.0001RE200K40m6 23:45
11-May-24Saturday13:0012MPP High Roller - Final Day-$1.000.000RE-40m-22:30
11-May-24Saturday14:0013MPP 6-Max High Roller - 1-Day Event $10000+$400$500.000RE400K30m10 02:30
11-May-24Saturday17:0011EAPT Cyprus - Day 1D$1.000+$100$500.0001RE200K30m8 01:15
11-May-24Saturday21:0011EAPT Cyprus - Day 1 Turbo$1.000+$100$500.0001RE200K15m10 01:15
12-May-24Sunday12:008MPP Main Event - Final Day-$5.000.000--60m-20:00
12-May-24Sunday12:0011EAPT Cyprus - Final Day-$500.000--40m-02:50
12-May-24Sunday12:0014MPP 6-Max Turbo Bounty - 1-Day Event$1.000+$100$100.0001RE200K25m12 22:55

Player Notes

* A shot clock will be implemented from the start of all tournaments.

* Turbo Day 1s will be run 6-Max if capacity allows.

* Management may alter levels played and reserves the right to amend or alter any portion of the tournament.

* Scheduled breaks, including dinner breaks, are only a guideline and may be adjusted during the event.

* Satellites seats won live at the venue are for specific days and will be in play at the start.

* If a player has multiple tickets they must be used as re-entry during that day if eliminated. If the player progresses the surplus tickets can be used towards any other event of the players choice after registration for the target event closes. This amount cannot be cashed out.

* Management reserves the right to impose pay out option restrictions.

* A minimum of 15 players is required to start any tournament.

Deductions and Fees:

  • Events $25K buy-in and above will have 2% of the prize pool withheld for operational and marketing costs.
  • Events below $25K buy-in will have 4% of the prize pool withheld for operational and marketing costs.
  • Guarantees are before any bounties or deductions.
  • Satellites are exempt from deductions.
  • Each re-entry will incur the same registration fee as a new player.