Cash Game Rules

1 – FLOOR PEOPLE – The top priorities for decisions taken by Floormen (FM) must be those of fairness and the best solution in the context of the game. In the interests of fairness, unusual circumstances may preclude a rule from being applied in its literal sense. The decision of the Floormen is final


2 – PLAYER CARD – Players under 21 years old are not allowed to attend any game in the poker room. Players can not start the game without their Merit Poker membership cards


3 – LANGUAGE – English is without exception the only language permitted during the play of hands


4 – THE HOUSE RESERVES – the right to require that any two or more players do not play in the same game


5 – SEAT CARD – will be used for starting seating & free seats at a running game. A player is permitted to change his seat after 2 hours of playing and only once during the playing session


6 – A PLAYER BUYING CHIPS – is required to declare the amount being bought. If a player requests a hand and looks at it without specifying the amount being played, he may not play more than the amount of the min buy-in for that game.

PLAYERS ARE RESPONSIBLE for transporting their chips from the last table or after finishing playing to the Cash Desk


7 – A WINNING PLAYER – must complete\can take a new seat after min 3 hours of playing session at the table; 25/50 and higher limits – 4 hours of playing session


8 – AT YOUR SEAT RULE – A player must be at his seat when the dealer delivers the last card to the button in order to have a live hand. The missing player’s hand, including small or big blind, will be considered ”dead” hand



9 – ACTION IN TURN – is binding and commits the chips put to the pot to stay in the pot.

ACCEPTED ACTION – It is the caller’s responsibility to determine the correct amount of an opponent’s bet before calling, regardless of what is stated by the dealer or players. *If a caller requests a count but receives incorrect information from the dealer or players, then places that amount in the pot, the caller is assumed to accept the full correct action & is subject to the correct wager or all-in amount


10 – ONCE THERE IS SUBSTANTIAL ACTION, A MISDEAL CANNOT BE CALLED – The deal will be played, and no money will be returned to any player whose hand is fouled. In button games, substantial action is considered: three folds, three checks, or any two actions in turn, at least one of which puts chips in the pot


11 – FORWARD MOTION – with chips or cards obliges the player to complete the action


12 – FACING A BET – A player who releases his cards with a distinct forward motion, will be deemed to have folded his hand. If a player opens his cards when facing a bet his hand accepted as “dead” hand


13 – PLAYERS ARE OBLIGED – to protect their hands

IF THE DEALER KILLS AN UNPROTECTED HAND, the player will not get back the capital he invested. Exception: If a player has raised and his raise has not been called yet, in this case the amount of the raise returns to the player


14 – SHOW ONE SHOW ALL – A player, who disclosed the content of his hand to another player(s), must show his cards to the entire table


15 – A PLAYER WHO SHOWS ONE OR MORE WHOLE CARDS – at the wrong time can only passively take part in the hand. He cannot bet or raise, but his hand is not dead


16 – “RUNNING IT 2 OR 3 TIMES” – is allowed on all tables, if all involved players agree. In case of splitting pot, tax will be applied by running 2 or 3 times board


“Short stack” player wants to run 1 time, side pot players want to run 2 or 3 times –

IF “short stack” looses, the deal between side pot players will be for all pots (main pot and side pot)

“Deep stack” player wants to run 1 time – there cannot be any deal between other players in the hand



17 – PLO 5 CARDS GAME – will be dealt for 7 handed only. Table with 8 players: “cut off” players will not receive cards


18 – DINNER BREAK – Only two players are allowed to have dinner break at the same time – 45 min, once in 5 hours (not included into playing session). If a player is absent for longer, the player’s chips will be picked up in a full game with a waiting list

The BB and SB are not taken only from those players who are on dinner break *If a player has been informed of this rule and still chooses to leave the table, the stack will be blinded off


19 – A PLAYER COMING FROM A BROKEN TABLE – to a game of the same limit & type will continue to play the same amount of money. * If it is less than the min buy-in for that game the player will be allowed to play with an option to buy more chips. NO Guest Bet


20 – A PLAYER, ABSENT – from a table that has been broken\ a player doesn’t want to continue at the current table loses his right to draw a seat card, and automatically moved to the waiting list


21 – PLAYERS ARE NOT PERMITTED – to give their seat to another player without a floor person’s prior approval


22 – A PLAYER WHO MOVES AWAY FROM THE BLINDS – (clockwise) must post a BB amount at his new seat or wait for his turn for the BB position


23 – A REQUEST FOR A RULING – must be made prior to the start of the next hand or before the game either ends. (Decision might be taken without camera check.) Otherwise, the result of the prior hand will stand. The first riffle of the shuffle marks the start of a deal. On tables with shuffle machines a new deal starts once the button has been pushed on the shuffle machine.






26 – MOBILE PHONES – must not be used by any player with cards in hand


27 – PLAYERS WHO INTENTIONALLY BREAK – cards will receive a warning and, if repeated, a penalty (will be suspended from play for 24 hours)


28 – THE ABUSE – of other players, venue staff or other personnel will result in a warning. If repeated, a penalty (the player may not be allowed to play or black list measures) will be applied


29 – THE HOUSE RESERVES – the right to refuse the service of alcoholic beverages to anyone at any time


30 – MERIT POKER – assumes no responsibility for the mistakes made at the table. Company cannot be held responsible for any kind of dealer’s mistakes (including awarding the pot to the wrong player)